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Tourist visa can be single-entry or double-entry and can be issued for no longer than 30 days.  

 Besides the standard set of documents listed below requires standard "Confirmation" and "Tourist Voucher" from a Russian travel agency, Russian hotel ( registered as a tourist company with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia, and special reference number assigned ). This reference number should be indicated on the Confirmation Letter.   If you already have your Confirmation/Voucher please include it in the envelope. If you don't have it, we will provide it for you at no charge upon receipt of your paperwork (if you're not a citizen of USA please EMAIL US first to verify that a voucher can be issued).

When filling out the application please take note of the following:
1. In question number 6 (purpose of visit) please write in "Tourism."
2. In question number 34 (Name and address of the place you're staying) please fill in the name of the hotel if you already know it, otherwise leave it blank.

The earliest you can apply for Russian Tourist Visa is 90 days before your entry date to Russia.


Single-entry and double-entry business visas can be issued for 30 days or up to 90 days, multiple re-entry business visa can be issued for up to 1 year.

Besides the standard set of documents listed below, a Business Visa requires an official invitation issued by the Russian Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Russia, its local offices, or the Russian Foreign Ministry, its regional offices, or any other authorized Russian agency. If you don't have an invitation, we can provide it for you for an additional fee.

Please note:
Obtaining business invitations takes anywhere from 2 to 20 business days, depending on the number of entries, price, etc.
Please contact us to find the best option for your time frame before you send in your paperwork.

For multiple-entry business visas two original signed applications are required, with additional original photographs for both of them. Copies of either will not be accepted by the consulate.

The earliest you can apply for  Russian Business Visa is 45 days before your entry date to Russia.



Valid for single entry.

Besides the standard set of documents listed below requires standard invitation (original only) issued by a local office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (former OVIR). You should ask your relative or friend to obtain one from a local Passport and Visa Service office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.



Besides the standard set of documents listed below, requires an official invitation (original only) issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Official hospital HIV (AIDS) Test Certificate  (HIV blood test should be taken not earlier than 3 months before applying for a visa).

For a full list of Student Visa requirements please check the Russian Consulate's Visa page.


Transit visa permits to travel through the Russian territory without stay depending on your tickets, it is issued for up to 72 hours if you travel by air, or for up to 10 days, if using other means of transportation. Besides the standard set of documents listed below requires visa of the country of destination and a copy of the air, railway or other ticket confirmed.


Documents required for all types of visas:

1.       Passport (original). Passport must be signed and contain at least two blank pages marked "visas" (amendment pages 22-24 do not count). Its expiration date must be at least 6 month after the last day of the visa you applying for, otherwise paperwork will not be accepted by the Russian Consulate.
EXCEPTION for 3-year visas: If you passport expires earlier than 42 months from your requested visa start date, your visa duration will be shortened to the date 6 months prior to expiration of your passport.

2.       Two (2) copies of the passport's opening page, with signature, photo, and info.

3.       Standard Application form filled out completely, dated and signed (original signature required). No corrections or marks of any kind are allowed on the application after it has been printed. If you need to make a change, log back into the application, choose "make new draft ID", make changes and save, then print out the new application.
If you have difficulties filling out the application form we can assist you for $25 per form.

Please DO NOT staple the form.
To fill out an application form go here:

3.1>> If your passport type if "P" (found in the upper left hand corner of the info page in your passport), then choose passport type as TOURIST on the application.

3.2>> Please make sure to save your password and send it to us, as we can not accept your application without it.

3.3>> When you choose the office to register and process your visa please choose "ILS SAN FRANCISCO".

3.4>> Print your application in Letter format, so numeric code at the top of the front page is shown.

3.5>> Please note: The Consulate does not accept any applications that are not filled out on the above mentioned server. Please print out the filled out application, sign it, and send it to us as outlined below.

4.       One recent photograph 2x2 in. This has to be done professionally (Walgreens, FedEx Kinkos, CVS, etc.), on white background with no shadows, glasses, hats, etc.

5.       A separate sheet with your name, contact info, and address for return delivery by FedEx, and your actual departure date FROM USA (needed to establish time available for visa processing).

6.       For non-US citizens: proof of legal status in US (copy of the green card, visa etc.) Holders of US Travel document must submit a copy of their Green Card, and proof of medical insurance, and copy of your round-trip ticket or itinerary, otherwise the consulate will NOT accept your paperwork for processing.

7.       Mandatory medical insurance  is required for the citizens of Estonia, Israel and Finland, as well as for the citizens of Schengen Agreement Member-States (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and other Schengen states).

8.       Payment
For Regular processing -- Check or Money Orders accepted.
For Expedited processing -- Money Order ONLY.

Please make all Checks and Money Orders payable to Passport Visa International for the full amount  (see price tables below), plus cost of shipping back to the customer.

The Consulate may request additional documentation. Visa processing starts only after we have collected all necessary documents. Once submitted to the Consulate all paperwork is not subject to any changes.

Children apply for separate visas if they travel on their own passports. If parents do not accompany their child during the trip, they must confirm their consent for their child's travel in an affidavit. If the child's surname differs from that of his (her) parents, a copy of the child's birth certificate must be enclosed.


Former USSR and Russian Citizens must submit: one of the documents which confirms that they are no longer citizens of the Russian Federation (so called "Visa to Israel" or stamp in their passport saying that they left for "permanent residence abroad" before the 6th of February, 1992 or official document certifying that their Russian citizenship was abrogated), otherwise the applications will not be accepted by the Consulate.


Prices and processing times depend on the existing rules and requirements at the Consulate General of Russia and are subject to change.  All consulate fees are included.

Processing in business days

9-10 days

5-6 days

Any single entry or double entry visa



Multiple entry business visa
(validity 6 months - 1 year)



For citizens of European Union any visa
*except UK citizens



All 3 year multiple entry visas

12-15 days


Tourist, Private, and Business, etc.


cannot be expedited

Please add $25 to the total for return shipment via FedEx.


We strongly advise to ship your paperwork to us using FedEx. If time allows, please use less expensive options (2nd Day, Express Saver, or FedEx Ground).

Passport Visa International
Attn: Natalia Borodina
2150 Portola Ave. Suite D-132
Livermore, CA 94551
Tel: 650-274-6044


Please click here to check your visas upon receipt, and immediately let us know of any discrepancies you find in the following, so we can correct it with the Consulate as soon as possible:
- English spelling of your name,
- passport number,
- date of birth,
- to/from dates,
- number of entries.
PassportVisaInternational cannot be held responsible for any mistakes on the visa discovered at the airport or at the time of entry to Russia.